Overview of Ron Hollis

My passion is building and fixing people, processes and technology to solve problems, achieve goals and reach its full potential.


I help people succeed by providing clarity for their PURPOSE and definition to their PROCESS.


My primary rule is that you must be willing to help yourself MORE than you expect me to

help you. I find this to be an excellent filter to allow me to focus my time on the best since it eliminates most candidates.


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Knowing yourself is one of the most challenging things a person can do. It's uncomfortable and we may NOT like the perspectives. However, it helps us focus our energies to reach the next level. A simple exercise is to ask and answer...."As a person, I believe".  This should illuminate your values and be aligned with your actions....most people think their values are something else since their actions do NOT match. Anyway, use this exercise to be honest with yourself. Cross check to your actions. 


For me.....As a person, I believe:


- You should work everyday to pursue your full potential

- You must grow every day in MIND and BODY

- Obstacles and challenges are blessings that make you grow stronger

- Ultimately, all things happen for a reason

- Your present is the result of the decisions of your past (and your future is the result of your decisions in the present)

- You must be disciplined in living an intentional life

- If you are going to do something, then do it as best as you can (or don't do it)


There is nothing magic here, however, most folks don't know their values...or what they truly believe WITHIN THEMSELVES....and their actions become unguided reactions to life, which is inefficient.




WHAT YOU THINK determines

HOW YOU FEEL determines



as Kwik says...Head-Heart-Hands




The followng "rules" have been instrumental in shaping my life and leadership skills.


Welch's Rules (the rules I use to guide my life)

Face reality as it is, not as it was or how you wish it were

Be candid with everyone

Control your own destiny or someone else will

Change before you have to

Lead, don't manage

If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete



Fun RECENT Pics (Time moves fast, so recency is an elusive target)

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