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Performance Management System for Student Athletes (PMSSA)

The PMSSA is a mental modeling method of the desired outcomes of a student athlete. It uses a simple system call PSG (Priorities-Strategies-Goals) to connect the emotional energy with the physical energy of the athlete in all areas of their life. 


The following whitepaper provides details of the program and how it works.  


If interested, please email me at ron@ronhollis.com and I am happy to discuss in detail. My passion is to help others reach their full potential...so leveraging these effective tools in youth today is impactful.


Championship football is a physical and mental game. It requires planning, preparation, and execution of both aspects to succeed.


Coaches are excellent at physical preparation but lack systems and tools to help prepare the athlete for the mental aspects of the game and fully leverage the emotional power of the athlete’s “Why!”.


Performance Management System for Student Athletes (PMSSA) provides the mental method to align an athlete’s “will” with the physical demand of their “skills”.  By having defined plans and goals, the athlete frees their mind to focus on mastering the actions required for success.


Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail!


Success is determined by taking a goal, aligning it with a why, and determining all the actions that need to be completed to ensure both are achieve.  We call it “sum of actions” for success. Focus on the execution of the actions, and the outcomes will take care of themselves. The PMSSA uses a proven mental model of priorities, strategies, and goals (PSG).  


·       Priorities define YOUR PURPOSE and your purpose gets you over your pain

·       Strategies determine your daily actions to align with your Priorities


·       Goals are the scoreboard of success to know you are executing the Strategies and achieving your Priorities…living your purpose!

Performance Management System for Student Athletes Whitepaper
Performance Managment System for Student
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Mindset- for Sports
Great chapter on mindset for athletes....
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