Does it take a village or just Chrome

After my exit from Quickparts, it was time for me to face the long hard reality that I really enjoyed having a powerful IT team that handled my email, websites, blog, etc. Over time I had become addicted to the convenience of having a system that work.


So, recently, I had the pleasure (really) to re-learn how IT systems work today and what my options were. The great news is that they have matured fantastically over the past decade. Email is easy to setup and work with my all of my gadgets. Also easy is the blogging platform. Of course a decade ago, blogging was something you did on Saturday night at the club...or was that clogging. Anyway, I was using Wordpress for our blogging platform that my IT expert (Eddie) has setup for me, so it was a piece a cake.


Now, I'm using Blogger (or Blogspot, not sure of the name), which is now owned by Google. It is super easy to setup and begin blogging and integrates with Google Business Apps, which is what I am using for the rest of my IT needs.


1ST PROBLEM---need to call Eddie now


It turns out that there is an issue for folks to post comments. I got my first comment and it was cool. Then I got an email saying the user tried to post a comment and was unable to make it happen. So, I tested it this morning and got unexpected results.


When I view the blog with IE 9 and then proceed to post a comment, it wants me to pick a "profile" with a drop down. Not sure what that means, but I did recognize Google, so let's pick that. Then it takes you to a login screen, which I proceeded to do with my Google account. It takes you back to the Blog without your comment and you get to repeat cycle.



If I do the same thing with Chrome as the browser, it works like it should.


So, we can leverage the village of Google as long as the rest of the world uses Chrome.?.?


I think I saw this movie before except it was a village from Seattle :)

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