After being a customer of Allstate for over 20 YEARS, they have decided thay my loyalty is either worthless to them OR worth more to me.


Over the past few years, our insurance bills have continued to increase. We had our cars, houses, and boats all covered by Allstate. Even in some situations where we could have saved some money by breaking up the coverages. However, our last bill had increased significantly without any change in coverage nor any accidents or tickets.


The Allstate rep had no answer other than that is what it is now. So, we went shopping for car insurance and found Geico at 50% of what we have been paying for the same coverage, so we moved our cars.


We had our house and boats covered by Allstate. We get a new bill for these and they increase significantly, AGAIN. I worked with the agent on my houseboat that has not been moved in 7 years and always covered by Allstate for us. They wanted over $1800 per year (which started out at $1200 years ago). I requested a quote for a brand new policy on the same boat for the same coverage and the quote came back at $900. WOW!! I couldn't believe it.


I requested to cancel the old policy AND start the new policy. This was all set and paid for when 3-4 days later, I get a call from the rep saying the underwriters are requiring an OUT OF WATER SURVEY of the houseboat. This is ridiculous and makes no sense, expecially since it is a houseboat, the coverage is at the book values AND Allstate has covered the exact boat for the previous 7 years. She just kept saying it was required by the underwriters and that was that.


Anyway, their delays in making this unreasonable request used up all of my time to find a substitute forcing me to keep the old policy, pay the $1800. They require you forfeit 30% of the premium, so even if I find another insurance company, I lose $...Crazy.


So, being a long time customer means you get to pay 100% more and no support for your loyaltly.


My bet is that they hired a "new" genius executive who is in charge of increasing profits for the company, regardless if it is at the expense of losing long-time customers.


I will never use Allstate again!

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