Bezos on 3D Printing

An interesting thread on some comments by Jeff Bezos of Amazon about 3D Printing. He is absolutely correct in his assessment, yet many comments from folks illustrate how naive people are about how products are developed. They must think it's some magic that can be replaced with a single device.


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My comments below:

Bezos is absolutely correct in his assessment. Much of the super-hype on 3D printing today is created from journalist that do not have a clue how products are developed and transition to manufacturing. 3D printing a powerful technology in product development, particularly in fit and form analysis (prototyping), but a loooonngg way from being a complete product manufacturing magic box.

As for interesting objects, NASA has been "evaluating" using 3D Printing in space since the early 90's...there was an incredible lab at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL that had every available technology for use and assessment. So, not new (unless 20 years is considered such).

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