Real Applications for 3D Printing

I am intrigued by how much new press there is on 3D Printing, of which most is created with the belief it is breaking information on this amazing new technology called 3D Printing. Of course folks like to forget that 3D printing has been around for over 30 years and that much of the media noise today is re-hashing the past.


I ran across an article that was well-written way back in 2009 on 3D printing. It provides a summary of the technologies and players at that time. It's interesting how one could make some mild edits, change the date and publish again today.



Cadalyst_ Almost Real_2009
An overview of 3D printing, applications and technologies.
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Here is another good article on using service bureaus to actually buy parts from 3D printing. Accessing the part service market is the ideal way to access the latest technologies and materials for your part needs.

Machine Design_ Selecting a Service Bureau_2009
Who to use to get 3D printed parts.
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