3D Printing and China- Ron's Input

I read a blog recently on China and 3D printing. It was a well written report of the plans of China for 3D printing. While the report was quite general and vague, it was informational.  I took exception to the latter points about the threats of China with 3D printing and how the Western world needed to wake up in their preparedness of 3D printing and prduction.


The blog was posted here.


My comment is:

Respectfully, your position is quite general, leaving the predictability of the future wide open to interpretation. It would be informative to be exposed to the latest, real, innovations that have originated in China, or elsewhere. The vast majority of AM "innovation" has originated and evolved out the US and Germany.

The largest known production factories leveraging AM are in the US. So, throwing out an edict "mature your RP technology.." is out of sync with current reality. For clarity, the operative word here is innovation, not duplication, copy, or replication. Also, it does not mean that change is not imminent and that China will not strive for their plan. However, the first step would be to catch up, which I'm sure they are aware.

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