3D Printing and Open Source- an opinion

There was an article on 3D Printing Industry this week about some guy wanting push more about open source.....I'm amazed at the utopianism folk espouse about open sharing innovation.


The article is here.


and my rebuttal...


Just my 2 cents… the adoption of open source seems to receive the most support from those that don’t really have much innovation to share. Once these open source supporters actually develop something of true value, then they quickly change their position to being less than open source. Makrbots Replicator 2 is a decent and pertinent example of this behavior. Real companies are less inclined to giving their innovation away since they have made the real investment to create their innovation. Other than being a services play, such as Redhat, there are few real businesses able to be created in a pure open source world.


And another penny….the point about the influence of the media on the 3d printing industry is excellent. They are pushing the positive side now, since that this popular. However, after many of the unrealistic claims by folks that don’t know what they are talking about fail, the the media will shift to the negative side and start to tell us they told us so.


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