Great Interview for Entrepreneurs- Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

I just watched a documentary discussion with Steve Jobs. It's a lost interview between Cringely and Steve Jobs and it outstanding.


What makes this interview so powerful is that it is 1995, a time when Jobs is out of Apple and trying to build another tech company called NeXT. He is in his early 40's and able to reflect on his life and share what was really important in his journey. He didn't know he was going to die just 16 year later at a young 56, NOR take over Apple again to build it back to a great company.

The discussion is candid and really demonstrates the personality of Jobs and the humanization of his experiences with Apple, which is clearly something he loved. His discussion of people is the key to his success. He only wanted to work with A-players and was willing to accept the friction that comes from leading the best.


The discussion provides him the opportunity to demonstrate his intellect and vision for the technology foundation of society, as well as his appreciation for being at the right place at the right time.


I highly recommend this for any entrepreneur.


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    Barry Murray (Friday, 27 June 2014 16:39)

    Babbling on, Ron...

    Vis-à-vis, Steve Jobs, who I consider a fellow Asperger disorder sufferer, I so appreciated his having the Mac Team all sign the inside of the Plus case that took a special tool to pop open, that I named my multimedia company... Mac&Murray... long before I realized that there was no ASCII character for an ampersand.